My Pirate Trilogy! Slow burn, with a witchy assassin heroine and her harem of supernatural pirates. 

Traitor Witch (The Deadwood, #1)

My name is Nilsa.

I am the Shadow of the Moon.

A lunar witch.

A divine assassin.

And they will tell you that I am a traitor.

Framed for the murder of my own high priestess and with nowhere else to go, I'm forced to seek refuge amongst pirates. This mismatched crew of immortal males thinks I'm a solar witch; a harmless, goody-two-shoes, celibate priestess of life.

But it's hard to keep up the charade with a cursed fae, two broken shifters and an overprotective vampire tempting me at every turn.

It's even harder when I have to constantly restrain the urge to murder their asshole captain.

All I need to do is live long enough to exact vengeance and reclaim my place in my coven. There's no place for men in my life. Not even the siren haunting my dreams who claims I'm his mate.

Liar Witch (The Deadwood, #2)

My name is Nilsa.

I am the Shadow of the Moon.

Born to end the life of the Eagle of Galmere.

And I have failed.

Ever since I left my pirates, things have gone from bad to worse. Now, stuck in the darkest part of the Claw—the mine that serves as a prison for supernaturals and humans alike—there's no way to return the sea and the men I've slowly begun to trust.

Instead I'm forced down into the depths of the earth, where ancient things lurk in dark, forgotten places. The key to my freedom is in dubious alliances with dangerous creatures. The only thing we have in common; we want to kill the Queen.

When I'm finally reunited with my pirates, will we be able to find my final mate and end the Queen's vile reign? Or will their vow to her and my secrets ruin everything?

Pirate Witch (The Deadwood, #3)