Here's a list of my current WIPs along with expected release dates (all of which may change).

Claimed by Blood (Daughter of Cain #2)

I endured decades of imprisonment, buried alive by the sire who made me. Punishment, Cain called it.

But now I’m free.

After betraying my thralls at the gala to save their lives, I take my place as Cain’s executioner once more. Everything has returned to how it was. Except it couldn’t be more different.

He doesn’t trust me.

With good reason. My loyalties have changed. I’ll do anything to return to my thralls—my pack—even if it means making dubious alliances that I know they won’t approve of.

But the pack is fracturing.

Frost and Gideon argue at every turn. Finn’s omega instincts are at war with his own wants, and the betas are barely managing to keep the peace. Not to mention Draven, whose true motives remain a mystery…

Will we be able to put our issues aside and work together to kill Cain? Or will our infighting lead to our downfall?

Releasing 21st August 2022
Across an Endless Sea (The Fifth Nicnevin #2)

The second book in the Fifth Nicnevin series.

Estimated Release: Q4 2022