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Here's a list of my current WIPs along with expected release dates (all of which may change). Additional WIPs are being written on my Ream page.

AaFT temp cover.jpg
Atop the Faerie Throne (The Fifth Nicnevin, #5)

The final book in the Fifth Nicnevin series!

Coming Soon

Liminal (The Arcanaeum, #1)

This WIP is being written and released chapter-by-chapter to my Ream subscribers.

When Kyrith was sacrificed as part of a dark ritual, the last thing she--or her necromancy practicing murderers--expected was for her to rise again as the ghostly guardian of the Arcanaeum.

For centuries now, she's done her job as the Librarian. Keeping the vast halls full of magical knowledge organised, fighting the whims of a sentient building, and dealing with the magical patrons is enough to keep her busy in death. So what if it gets a little lonely? The job's perks make up for it. All the books she could ever want, decorating privileges, and the ability to ban patrons who don't stick to the rules.

But the Arcanaeum is crumbling, providing the necromancers' descendants the perfect opportunity to strike. To keep the library safe, Kyrith must put her faith in some unlikely allies, but in this world of ruthless magic, can she really trust anyone?

What is Ream? A site where I share fortnightly chapters of my WIP, maps and even ARCs. It's a little like Patreon, but designed for books!

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