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Here's a list of my current WIPs along with expected release dates (all of which may change).

Crowned by Blood (Daughter of Cain, #3)

My entire life has been a lie, and even my sire never knew. The truth of my abilities has been hidden from both of us for centuries, but now it's out.

I have the power to kill Cain.

My blood is both the key to fulfilling his dream of subjugating the world, and ensuring his doom. Unfortunately, Immy’s second betrayal has fractured my pack, and left me firmly in his clutches.

My thralls will come for me.

Once I’m free, we’ll fight to the last breath to ensure that Cain’s unnaturally long life comes to an end. Permanently.

Anticipated Release Date: 30 March 2023


For years we played together.

Our friendship formed on virtual battlefields across the vastness of the internet. We spent thousands of hours in each other’s company, though we never officially exchanged real names.

But I still know who they are.

How could anyone not get curious? Thanks to my profession, I had the skills to dig deeper, so I did. I never expected to discover my friends were the founding members of the greatest metal band of all time.


Dodger, Arlo, Slate and Prophet. Bonded by juvie, forged beneath stage lights. And all of them are so very out of my reach.

Until now.

A contract has come through, and their names are on the paperwork. The Belladonna assassin assigned to their case?


This is a contemporary reverse harem novel featuring a nerdy heroine and four rock gods, part of a series of standalones in the 
Dressed to Kill shared world.

Release Date: 7 July 2023

AtIC temp cover.jpg
Amidst the Insidious Courts (The Fifth Nicnevin #3)

The third book in Rose's series. I am so excited for this and aiming for an Autumn 2023 release date. Click the cover to pre-order.


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