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Dive into the Queendom of Faerie in this new slow burn series, set in the same universe as the Deadwood, but in an epic new realm. Like all my books, this series is available on Kindle Unlimited. At the moment, I'm anticipating that the series will be four books long but things can change depending on where the story goes.

Beyond the Faerie Gate (The Fifth Nicnevin, #1)

A secret kept, a queen hidden, and her warriors lost.

Afflicted by a mysterious and terrible illness that's haunted me since childhood, I’ve resigned myself to living life as a burden to my family. Until a fae knight comes to my village and tells me that everything I know is a lie.

It seems impossible, but he swears that I’m a fae queen, raised in the mortal realm for my own safety. And the time has come for me to return home to Faerie and rule.

Only my queendom isn’t what it once was. It’s fractured, divided, broken. And the men of my royal guard—a group of deadly and eccentric warriors sworn to protect me—have disappeared, scattered to the wind. I have to reunite them if I want to have any chance of surviving the war that has consumed the land, and the invaders at our gates.

Across an Endless Sea (The Fifth Nicnevin, #2)

A city besieged, a realm divided, and a queen in peril.

My new home is in danger and I still have so much to learn. I should be grateful that I’ve finally found all five members of my Guard, but one of them is on the wrong side of the war tearing Faerie apart.

After diving in front of a killing blow intended for my brother, I’m reborn far from the safety of my palace walls. Exhausted and out of options, my only choice is to flee.

My treacherous guard will stop at nothing in his quest to catch me, but what will he do if he succeeds?

AmidstCourts_Final (1).jpg
Amidst the Insidious Courts (The Fifth Nicnevin, #3)

A looming fever, a Guard in exile, and whispers of treason.

I escaped from Fellgotha by the skin of my teeth, and now Elatha will do anything to get me back. My only hope lies in the pilgrimage; an ancient journey taken by Nicnevins to demand the allegiance of the minor royals.

But no one expected my own body to betray me. My fever is coming, and I crave my mates to the point of distraction. On top of that, their protective instincts are running riot. With all of us preoccupied, we might just end up handing our enemies the opportunity they need to bring about our downfall.

I need to unite all five courts if we’re to stand a chance against the Fomorian armada, which means convincing the southern courts to swear their fealty and help us break the siege of Elfhame. If I don’t, Elatha will win.

Beneath a Shattered Sky (The Fifth Nicnevin, #4)

I called, he came, and now we’ll both pay the price.

Earning the allegiance of the seelie royals was meant to be the easy part of my pilgrimage. Instead, the Spring Queen broke my Guard with her petty games, and then the Summer King imprisoned them. He tried to murder me, and would have succeeded… if not for Bram.

Now wounded, and with nowhere else to turn, I have to put my trust in the one male who’s more dangerous to me than any other—Caed. I’ll do anything to rescue my Guard, even if it means risking their anger and giving him another chance.

Even if we manage to free them, the rifts between my mates are almost as deep as the ones tearing the fae realm apart. If I can’t stop the infighting, master my magic, and claim my place as Nicnevin, then the Fomorians have already won.

AaFT temp cover.jpg
Atop the Faerie Throne (The Fifth Nicnevin, #5)

The final book in the Fifth Nicnevin Series.

Coming Soon

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