Trigger warnings are something I include as a courtesy, alerting readers to potentially distressing topics/content in my writing to help them protect their mental health. There are some triggers I will be unable to account for, but I've done my best to list the major ones here. As I do not plan my series, new triggers will be added with subsequent books so please check back here between releases. I also recommend a reverse harem database where users can tag books with triggers, themes and kinks, alongside other information.

Please be aware due to their nature, these warnings will contain spoilers for many of my books. Click or hover over the first book in the series you're interested in to see the warnings for the entire series.


Triggers: foul language, descriptions of violence and alcohol, description of loss of a limb, BDSM elements, references to past rape of a secondary character and other woman drama.

There is also sexual contact between the fmc and men who are not in the harem before the harem is established.


Triggers: foul language, descriptions of torture, fantasy alcohol and drug use, and violence.


Dark themes. Please read triggers carefully.

Triggers: Foul language, descriptions of torture,
alcohol and drug use, violence, sexual assault (aftermath only), rough sex, BDSM elements, infertility, knotting, murder, suicide (attempted and past), and other dark themes.

Note: Readers may wish to avoid the prologue of book 2, Claimed by Blood, where there is a flashback depicting child on child violence/murder. This can be skipped without major consequences.


Triggers: Foul language. Fantasy alcohol and drug use. Violence. Rape in a harem member's past. Sexual slavery in a harem member's past. Threat of rape. Suicide as a means to magical reincarnation. Mild sexual assault of the heroine by the main villain.