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Trigger/content warnings are something I include as a courtesy, alerting readers to potentially distressing topics/content in my writing to help them protect their mental health. There are some triggers I will be unable to account for, but I've done my best to list the major ones here. As I do not plan my series, new triggers will be added with subsequent books so please check back here between releases. I also recommend a reverse harem database where users can tag books with triggers, themes and kinks, alongside other information.

Please be aware due to their nature, these warnings will contain spoilers for many of my books. If you're worried about a specific trigger, please feel free to contact me using the form on this site and I'll do my best to help.

Vice College Series

Triggers: Foul language, descriptions of violence and alcohol, description of loss of a limb, references to past rape of a secondary character and other woman drama (see note below). Children in the epilogue of book 4 (skippable).

Sexual content: Vaginal, anal and oral intercourse, toys, double penetration, BDSM elements including spanking and bondage.

Note: There is also sexual contact between the heroine and men who are not in the harem before the harem is established. There is also sexual contact (kissing and light petting) between a harem member and a woman who is not the heroine after the hero/heroine realise that they're true mates but before they've committed to one another.


Deadwood Series

Triggers: Foul language, description of torture, fantasy alcohol and drug use.


Sexual content: Vaginal, anal and oral intercourse, period sex, bondage, double penetration. Piercings.


Daughter of Cain Series

Please read triggers carefully.

Triggers: Foul language, descriptions of torture, alcohol and drug use, violence, sexual assault (aftermath only, not the heroine), infertility, murder, suicide (attempted and past), and sacrifice. Pregnancy/children in epilogue of book 3 (skippable).

Sexual content: Vaginal, anal and oral intercourse, mm, toys, double penetration, BDSM elements, rimming, rough sex, primal play, sex with lycan partners in shifted form(teratophilia), knotting.

Note: Readers may wish to avoid the prologue of book 2, Claimed by Blood, where there is a flashback depicting child on child violence/murder. This can be skipped without major consequences.


Nicnevin Series

Triggers: Foul language. Fantasy alcohol and drug use. Violence. Rape in a harem member's past. Sexual slavery in a harem member's past. Threat of rape. Suicide as a means to magical reincarnation. Mild sexual assault of the heroine by the main villain (stroking of erogenous zones on wings). Torture of multiple characters, including a shifter in animal form.

Sexual content: Vaginal, oral and anal intercourse. Orgies. Aphrodisiacs (fantasy). Penile piercings, pearling and enchanted implants. Mild dominance and submission. Exhibitionism.



Triggers: Foul language, death, violence, guns, knives, drugs, cocaine addiction/relapse/recovery, violence, human trafficking, assassinations, bombing of a public place (only casualties are bad guys), discussion of past abuse/past domestic violence, discussion of past self harm, depictions of self harm scars, torture and attempted murder of a secondary character by necklacing. Children in epilogue (skippable).

Sexual content: Vaginal, anal and oral intercourse, masturbation, toys, cum play, exhibitionism, cockwarming, sex in a public place, breeding kink.

Note: Darcy is quite open about wanting children. There are no pregnancy/birth scenes in this book, but if children/motherhood/a heroine whose goals include raising a family is not your thing, then this book may not be for you.

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