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My debut series: a paranormal reverse harem with seven, sexy demons. Lilith's story is free on Kindle Unlimited and also available in paperback. Click on the covers to check them out.

A Demon's Horns (Vice College For Young Demons: Year One)

“It is our pleasure to inform you that you have been granted a place at Vice College for Young Demons… It is our duty to remind all students that your attendance is government mandated and enforced.”

Vice College for Young Demons; It’s beautiful, elitist and filled to the brim with other demons Lilith’s age. All of them are stuck there waiting for the ten seconds of agony, called the Showing, that will sort them into one of the seven castes. And they’re all praying that they aren’t one of the unlucky few destined to be one of the powerless Unshown.

But when Lilith’s Showing happens, the crystal that appears on her body marks her as a degenerate Lust demon. And the icing on the cake? She grows horns.

Demons don't grow horns. It's supposed to just be a myth. But Lilith has, and in doing so she's caught the eye of some powerful people who want her dead. Fortunately, she's also got the attention of the Strange God, the demonic deity, and he's decided to appoint seven men to protect her...

If she can find them first...

A Demon's Gifts (Vice College For Young Demons: Year Two)

Vice College for Young Demons; It’s beautiful, deadly and filled to the brim with Lilith's problems. Finding her mates was just the start of the Strange God’s plan for her and, between the seven of them, they might just drive her insane before she can take her end of year exams.

Her new mate, Enzo, is as mad as he is deadly, and he’s set his sights on anyone who might cause her harm. Bane, the rebel from Greed, is giving flowers to Lucinda and Daron, Jin and Kain are all in on a scheme to win him back to Lilith's side. Blaze still can’t admit his feelings for Lilith in case he triggers a prophecy about his death. To top it all off, Aeron is in his final year at Vice, about to leave for good.

With Circe Abrosiax’s tormenting and the Headmistress’ machinations thrown into the mix, it will be a miracle if Lilith makes it to third year alive.

After all, death stalks Vice College this year…

A Demon's Wings (Vice College For Young Demons: Year Three)

Vice College for Young Demons; it's beautiful, complicated and downright dangerous for Lilith. The Syndicate, the Assembly, the Rebels; all of them want their share of the new Lady Carazor, and it's getting hard to tell who is on her side.

But Lilith has other problems too: Bane's actions have created a rift between her mates and a scar on her heart. Blaze won't forgive him for it and Daron won't rest until Lilith does. Kain and Jin are doing their best to be supportive, but now that Aeron's her professor, it makes their secret mating harder and more taboo. To make matters even worse, Enzo's deadly trick at end of year ball has completely destabilised the Assembly.

Now a new Prime is about to come into power, and no one is prepared for the changes that will bring.

Even the Strange God has been oddly silent...

A Demon's Heart (Vice College For Young Demons: Year Four)

Vice College for Young Demons; it's where Lilith's life as a demon began. Now, it might just be where it ends.


Only the Strange God has the power to save her from Vendra's poison, and his help comes at a price. Yet Lilith has no choice. To rescue her mates from the Syndicate she'll have to accept his bargain and go head to head with the organisation who tried to kill her. Even with all eight of them working together it still might not be enough to defeat the Syndicate.


Vendra and her remaining allies will do anything to ensure their goal of a perfect three-caste world is made real. The Unshown Resistance was decimated by Hannibal's attack, leaving Lilith and her allies outnumbered and outmatched in every way that counts.


With a final battle lingering on the horizon, it's time for the knives to come out. Enemies will become allies, traitors will show their true colours and everyone will make sacrifices before victory is won.


And the Strange God sits at the heart of it all...

Vice College: The Complete Series

Vice College For Young Demons: It's beautiful, deadly, and at the centre of Lilith's problems. Being a student there is not for the faint of heart, and it gets more and more dangerous every year.

When Lilith does the unthinkable and grows horns in her first two weeks, she catches the eye of some powerful people who want her dead. If the horns weren't enough, she's also a Succubus and the Syndicate will do anything to eliminate her before her powers can pose a threat to them. Fortunately, she's also attracted the attention of the Strange God—the demonic deity—who gifts Lilith seven irresistible mates to protect her.

But the more she fights just to stay alive, the more Lilith and her men get drawn into a conflict that will shake the very foundations of demonic society.

No one said being the Strange God's Chosen would be easy.

This is an 18+ Reverse Harem collection containing:
#0 The Origin of the Strange God - Bonus Lore
#1 A Demon's Horns
#2 A Demon's Gifts
#3 A Demon's Wings
#4 A Demon's Heart
#4.5 A Demon's Soul - Nelly's Story
#5 A Demon's Home - Bonus Epilogue

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